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Reference photo by Donna.

This is Duffy… A few months before my wife and I were to be married, we decided she needed some companionship in the apartment that would soon be ours. We headed off to the local SPCA and made a beeline for the puppy room. In a large kennel filled with dark brown little puppies, this white puffball stood out like a neon sign. The tag above the litter said “collie/shepherd mix”… right! I picked him up and handed him to her and that was that. Love at first site.

Duffy was a great dog. Of course, he did the things puppies are wont to do, like eat furniture, shoes, etc., but he trained very easily overall. This photo is of his graduation from obedience school. We had to make costumes for our dogs, so I made him Krypto, the Superdog! He bore the indignity of wearing the suit quite well.

An extremely friendly, loving dog, Duffy was well loved through the ripe old age of 17. It’s been two years now since he passed away, and my heart still aches.

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